Top 5 Summer Foods to Boost Eye Health

When you think of eye health, you probably don’t think of your diet beyond the childhood lesson to always eat your carrots. However, nutrition can play a big role in making sure your eyes get the right nutrients to stay healthy. Things like scheduling regular checkups with an optometrist in Tulsa or elsewhere are important, but daily habits, including food choices, matter just as much for preventing vision problems.

Five Reasons to Use Protective Eyewear

Taking advantage of vision benefits in Oklahoma or elsewhere can protect your eye health by giving you access to the care you need. However, there are additional measures you can take on a daily basis to protect your eyes during the summer.

Eye Health and Swimming Pools

No summer is complete without lounging by the pool or splashing around with family and friends. Nevertheless, swimming pools can expose you to illnesses and eye health problems that you need to be aware of. Indeed, swimming in unsanitized water, even briefly, exposes you to issues like irritation and infection. To help you reduce risks and protect your family’s eyes, educate yourself on the relationship between eye health and swimming pools. And don’t hesitate to consult an eye doctor in OKC or elsewhere if you’re experiencing any swimming-related eye health issues.

Don’t Skip Eye Safety for These Popular Summertime Activities!

Ah, summer! Longer and warmer days make it a great time for enjoying outdoor activities and sports in both the water and on land. Make sure these activities stay fun and safe by having the right equipment — including proper eye protection. An eye doctor in Yukon OK or nationwide can suggest several tips that will help you and your family keep your eyes healthy this summer.

5 Eye Conditions to Watch Out for This Summer

The summer sunshine is relaxing and rejuvenating, so it’s natural to want to soak in every bit of it that you can. However, the summer also exposes you and your family to higher risks to your eyes. While eye care in Tulsa and beyond can help you monitor for these risks, you can never be too careful! So, let’s look at five conditions to keep an eye out for in the warmer months.


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